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Low Prices on Roadmaster
Sterling All Terrain Tow Bars

We have 20 years of experience installing mounting brackets on tow vehicles and offer a lifetime warranty on all of our installation work.  Why take your car to someone who has only a few months experience?  Large shops experience turnover leaving you with inexperienced people working on your car.  At Todd's Auto & RV, Todd sees the work through to completion.  You get the benefit of all his years of experience for a price lower than you will find anywhere else!Type your paragraph here.

  • Tow Bars

    • ​Sterling All Terrain

    • Falcon All Terrain 

    • BlackHawk All Terrain

    • StowMaster All Terrain

  • Mounting Brackets

    • ​Hidden Brackets ~ ​XL, EZ, MX 

  • Supplemental Brake Systems

    • ​BrakeMaster for Air Brakes

    • BrakeMaster for Hydraulic Brakes

    • InvisiBrake

    • EvenBrake

Specializing in RV Towing Solutions


We offer a variety of services to make towing your vehicle behind your RV a breeze!  We specialize in:

* Mounting Bracket Installation

* Tow Vehicle Wiring

* Tow Bar Mounting

* Rock Guard Protection
* Supplemental Brake Systems

* Anti-Sway Bars

* Shocks

* Steering Stabilizers

* Tires 
* Banks PowerPack
* Tow Dollies

Sway Bar - Suspension Solutions
BrakeMaster Installation - Supplemental Brake Systems
How the Invisibrake works diagram
Mounting Bracket installation

Sway Bar & Suspension Solutions

* BrakeMaster for air or hydraulic brakes
* InvisiBrake
​* EvenBrake

Mounting Bracket Installation

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Sway Bar & Suspension Solutions

* Front and rear sway bars
* Auxiliary sway bars
* Shocks (Koni, Bilstein, Bilstein Custom Tuned)
​* Steering Stabilizers

RoadMaster All Terrain Tow Bars
RV Towing

Supplemental Brake Systems


Roadmaster Tow Bars

We guarantee the lowest prices on all Roadmaster products!  We proudly offer the following tow bars:

* Sterling All Terrain
* BlackHawk2 All Terain
* Falcon All Terain
* StowMaster All Terrain
* Falcon 2 Classic
* StowMaster Classic

Todd's AUto & RV