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​Why suffer?  Improve your drive!

You’ve spent hours searching for the perfect RV and years planning your first trip.  You hit the road and a big semi passes you and you feel as though you are being blown off the road.  You pull into a gas station to catch your breath and as soon as you hit the driveway, you feel like a ship on the high seas.  With your fingers crossed, you go in back to make sure that nothing is broken and return things to their proper place.

Sound familiar?

Driving your motorhome shouldn’t feel like work or be a white knuckle experience.  We have the tools and the knowledge to offer a range of solutions to shore up your ride and put the color back in your knuckles : ) 

The F53 chassis is known to need additional sway bars, trac bars, and/or steering stabilizers ~ but it is not alone!  We have helped all types of motorhome owner’s including those with the following chassis:

*  Ford E450/350

*  Sprinter

*  Workhorse

*  Freightliner

*  Roadmaster

*  Chevrolet

*  Trucks


Our team will work with you to address the concerns you have and offer a range of solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Some common solutions to address sway and wander issues:

Sway Bars

Works to minimize side to side sway
Helps reduce the effects of wind gusts, listing in turns, and tipping when going over speed bumps, railroad tracks, and driveways

Trac Bars

Addresses excessive axle side play
Helps to correct wandering, rut tracking, and lazy steering

Steering Stabilizers

Offers more control at the steering wheel and helps with return to center
Assists in reducing the effects of crosswinds and gusts from passing traffic, overcorrection, steering wheel play, wandering, and driver fatigue


Works to reduce bumpy rides and porpoising
Absorbs shocks due to bumpy roads and vibrations
Improves ride comfort and helps in curvy and winding roads